*8 oz Prime Burger

Choice of Prime 8 oz Burger or Beyond Meatless Burger
Choice of Cheese + Tomato Green Leaf Lettuce + Toasted Brioche
Add Avocado or Hickory Smoked Bacon 2 ea

Smoked Pastrami + Swiss + House Pickled Cabbage + Dijon Aioli + Pretzel Roll

Haddock Filet Served Pan Seared,
Blackened, Fried or Broiled
New England Style Tartar Sauce
Green Leaf Lettuce + Vine Ripe Tomato
Toasted Brioche

Crispy Cajun Chicken Breast + Vermont Cheddar
Hickory Smoked Bacon + Green Leaf Lettuce
Vine Ripe Tomato + Creamy Ranch + Toasted Brioche

Classic 5 oz Maine Lobster + Touch of Mayo
Celery + Green Leaf Lettuce + Toasted Brioche     Market Price

Shredded Iceberg & Cabbage + Pico de Gallo
Chipotle Aioli + Flour Tortillas
FRIED HADDOCK   3 for 24   LOBSTER       Market Price

Seaglass Restaurant & Lounge
4 Oceanfront North
Salisbury, MA 01952